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Groningen vs Feyenoord

It is a fact that both sides prefer an open clash, and I don’t see any reason for his one to be any different. Feyenoord has a slight advantage here, as they are by all means a more effective squad, but the hosts shouldn’t be underestimated. They have the means to respond in case of a conceded goal, so opting for goals from both sides is seeming like a reasonable betting choice, at least in my eyes.

Groningen vs Feyenoord : Over 2.5 Goals

Vaduz vs Lucerne

Despite the fact that the bookies are not trusting Vaduz in this clash, I am going to take a leap of fate and support them here. Super League proved to be very unpredictable in terms of a favorite side, so the victory of the hosts can not be that surprising. After all, Luzern isn’t a superior squad compared to Vaduz, which is in a must-win situation, and that thing alone is enough for me to put my trust into the host’s hands in the upcoming clash.

Vaduz vs Lucerne Predictions : 1X