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Monza vs Brescia

Surely enough, a very interesting clash is ahead, as neither of the sides will be satisfied with anything else except another victory. We witnessed just how effective they are in the previous matches, and this one shouldn’t be any different. Definitely worth a shot knowing that Brescia will need to push and risk all way long this time.

Monza vs Brescia : Over 2.5 Goals

Chievo vs Ascoli

Competetive motive from both squads is more than apparent, and it would be truly surprising if this one went by in passivity. Chievo simply has to go all in here, but the same thing can be said for Ascoli, so if we put all the things together, a high number of goals looks likely.
Of course, such a betting option comes at a risk, however, it’s the last round and should be worth a shot knowing the circumstances and how many times Chievo showed their vulnerabilities at the back.

Chievo vs Ascoli : Over 2.5 Goals